dear winter

Dear Winter,

You sprinkled your white dust upon my home a lot sooner than I thought you would this year. Your cold blanket shuffled me indoors, cuddled under a blanket with a warm cup of coffee. The people I love and the ones who surround me grew depleted with your fall and the world grew quiet. I mourned the loss of the constant time spent with others but soon grew to love your silence, just as I do each year.

Winter, you give me space to dream and think about myself and my life. I love to sit in your solitude and plan for my future as my creativity blossoms under your falling snow. The holidays are always confusing when you’re near. I wonder what it all means. Each year it seems as though the holiday cheer shrinks into a corner as the commercial influence engulfs the family laughter. Each snowfall, the world becomes so much clearer. I feel the sting of reality, along with your icicle droplets. And somehow this calms me to know that the snow can reflect the bitter things that I must encourage to take care of in my lifetime.

Each snow storm I discover a little extra part of me. Sometimes I like it and other times it hurts; but all the time it’s refreshing to know that I am authentic, even if authenticity means making mistakes. No other season can bring me the appreciation of having a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, a family to be with, and food on my table. I appreciate the warmth of a blanket and cozy sweaters so much more than I would if it were summer.

Thank you winter, for giving me the time to grow under silence and so much more.