dear summer…

Dear Summer,

Long time no see! Although it’s never a secret when you show up. One day it’s suddenly 80 degrees and your sun is shining in the bright blue, cloudless sky. As soon as your energy bursts through the atmosphere, the world changes. The days become longer and the nights get hotter. In these short months, you give us, this is when memories are made. Your extroverted personality brings out the adventure in me. As soon as I feel the hot sun beating down on me I want to run with the winds of change and explore the unexplored.

This is the time when the earth is suddenly more populated and people are smiling. My footsteps become a little lighter and my spirit flys a little higher. I wait for you all year long just to make these memories with you, and just as my high comes when you arrive the crash is just as hard when the leaves start to fall.

Hello Summer, let’s go make some memories.


dear spring

Dear Spring,


It took you a while to show up this year. Winter seemed to have a need to dominate this earth but you slowly starting to peek through with your original shyness. Your rainfall has soaked the ground for the past week as you melted the snowy blanket that sheltered me from the world. You force me to smell the fresh air and break down my barriers. With winter’s hibernation you tell me that it’s time to show the world the creativity I’ve been carefully attending to for the last few months.

You give everyone around me a sort of anticipation as you tease us with your peek-a-boo sun and the little chirping bird that occasionally appears. The scholars I pass by on a regular basis with a growing anticipation to explore the muddy ground they so dearly missed when the snow covered their tracks.

You give me a new kind of hope each year and open my eyes to the world I hid from. You give me a pair of rose-coloured glasses to wear for a while so that the bitterness and harsh reality of winter can be forgotten for a bit. My gentle, flowery spring, please take your sweet time to blossom and care for this earth and its people with your nightly rainfalls that soothe me to sleep as you transition us to a burning summer.




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dear winter

Dear Winter,

You sprinkled your white dust upon my home a lot sooner than I thought you would this year. Your cold blanket shuffled me indoors, cuddled under a blanket with a warm cup of coffee. The people I love and the ones who surround me grew depleted with your fall and the world grew quiet. I mourned the loss of the constant time spent with others but soon grew to love your silence, just as I do each year.

Winter, you give me space to dream and think about myself and my life. I love to sit in your solitude and plan for my future as my creativity blossoms under your falling snow. The holidays are always confusing when you’re near. I wonder what it all means. Each year it seems as though the holiday cheer shrinks into a corner as the commercial influence engulfs the family laughter. Each snowfall, the world becomes so much clearer. I feel the sting of reality, along with your icicle droplets. And somehow this calms me to know that the snow can reflect the bitter things that I must encourage to take care of in my lifetime.

Each snow storm I discover a little extra part of me. Sometimes I like it and other times it hurts; but all the time it’s refreshing to know that I am authentic, even if authenticity means making mistakes. No other season can bring me the appreciation of having a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, a family to be with, and food on my table. I appreciate the warmth of a blanket and cozy sweaters so much more than I would if it were summer.

Thank you winter, for giving me the time to grow under silence and so much more.