when no one knows you

When no one knows you…

That’s addicting.

It’s like the first taste of chocolate

Or the first caffeine rush of a cup of coffee.


When no one knows you

You are the purest form of yourself.

Nothing can touch you,

You have nothing to lose.

You can be who it is you want to be.


No past memories are tarnishing your image.

No regrets are holding you back.


Being somewhere no one knows you

Brings you a sort of confidence

That lets you shine beyond the stars.


I feel solace in a place where no one knows me.

Where everyone is a stranger.

Because even sometimes I feel my friends don’t know me,

As people who don’t know me do.


I wish I could forever rest in a place

Where no one knows my face,

No one knows my name.

Swifting along the earth,

Leaving no footprints,

And taking my leave peacefully.

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