A Year Abstaining from Holidays: Telling Family and Friends

I decided to take a year off celebrating holidays. That means my birthday, Hallmark holidays, national holidays… any type of specialized celebration celebrated by a majority of people. To understand why I came to this conclusion, please click here.

Today I am going to explain how that went over telling my family and friends. The first thing is they are going to be confused and there is no escaping that. You have to admit that not celebrating any holidays is a rather abnormal thing today in our world. Your family and friends will be confused, they will ask why, and even after explaining it they may still not understand. Your friends are more likely to be supportive in this situation though. The reason a family member is more likely to not understand or be supportive is because they get something out of celebrating holidays with you. They want you at that family dinner and they want you to have an excuse to come home.

With all this in mind, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell them. You should. It’s going to be a lot easier than suddenly not showing up for the Fourth of July and everyone’s wondering where you are. In fact, they may be more upset if you did that instead. It’s good to let them know ahead of time so you don’t get a surprise birthday present and have to turn it down because you are bravely abstaining from holidays for a year.

It’s also okay for them not to get it. What you need to understand is that you are doing this for yourself, fo your own interest, and your own spiritual journey. People will wonder and people will talk, but to ease their mind, maybe after they’re done celebrating Thanksgiving, invite people over for coffee to catch up. Encourage others to be happy for celebrating their holidays and listen to them. It’s all part of the growing process.

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