Travel Blog: Day 7 – San Luis Obispo, California

For my last day in California, we planned on a very special visit to the one and only Hearst Castle. Now, if you have not heard of this legend of a castle then you are in for a treat! The story goes as such:

William Hearst, born to George and Phoebe Hearst, had the vision to create a hearstcastle01magnificent castle on the top of a hill near San Luis Obispo, California. William Hearst had acquired a family fortune founded by his father, George Hearst with his successful mining discovery in his early years! Along with this family fortune, William Hearst was also a media genius of his time, owning two successful newspapers, The San Francisco Examiner and The New York Journal. Because of Hearst’s fortune, he got to see the world as not many other people did. When he was a young boy, Hearst’s mother took him with her on tour of Europe. Hearst was inspired by these images and with the fortune and land he had acquired through his family and hard work, Hearst made plans to build his very own castle. He worked with Julia Morgan, an award-winning architect, a genius in her field. She supervised all of the construction with Hearst on his castle.


As soon as I walked onto those castle grounds, I felt like I was in a different world. I was amazed, speechless, bewildered, and completely swept off of my feet. My cousin, her hearstcastle03husband, and I decided to go on the evening tour which allows you to explore the Hearst Castle along with reenactors in 1920’s apparel as a part of the museum. I felt like I was literally stepping back in time. They do also have the option of the Grand Rooms Tour, Upstairs Suite Tour, Cottages and Kitchen Tour, Designing the Dream Tour, Art of San Simeon Tour, and a Private Tour.

The surroundings by me were absolutely astounding and our tour guide was so knowledgeable. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my last day in California.

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Thank you for reading about my trip to California! I hope this helps you and your future adventures wherever they may be! Cheers!

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