A Year Abstaining from Holidays

It’s Easter morning. I’m grumpy that I have to go to Easter Dinner later today… I think to myself as I munch on my chocolate Easter bunny and drink my coffee. What a contradicting thought to have. Why do I celebrate Easter anyway? Sure, I celebrated Easter as a child because my family is of Christian faith. We would go to church, eat dinner, then indulge in Easter candy and receive the yearly toy bunny. Today I don’t consider myself a Christian, in fact, I just spent some time over the last couple years exploring my spirituality, figuring out what I believe in. So then, what do I celebrate Easter for? Is it to be with family? Is it for the commercialization of the holiday? In fact, why do I celebrate holidays at all? For the past year, I felt such a strong disconnect from holidays. I never really wanted to make the Christmas Eve photo album, I didn’t go to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and I stayed in to watch Horror movies with friends for Halloween. The whole time I never really understood why I celebrated these days.

I decided after this Easter dinner that I will abstain from holidays for a year. Along this journey I will continue to explore my spirituality and attempt to understand the meaning of holidays; why do they exist and why do we celebrate them?

Here are my rules:

  1. I will not accept any invites to any dinners or parties that celebrate a holiday.
  2. I will not purchase any holiday themed items.
  3. I will not wish anyone a happy holiday.
  4. I will not watch any holiday themed films or listen to any holiday themed music.
  5. I will not eat any holiday themed food or drink any holiday themed drinks.
  6. I will not take any holidays off of work.

And thus my journey begins. No holidays for a year. This better be a damn good last holiday dinner.


One thought on “A Year Abstaining from Holidays

  1. esampson00 says:

    I can’t wait to see your realization at the end of this year without holidays. I look forward to your reflection and insight as this year unfolds and for the book that will come forth at the end of this beautiful soul-centered journey!


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