Mini-Adventure: Chenango Canal Towpath

I love going on mini-adventures whenever I can! One perk about living in Upstate New York is that mini-adventures are everywhere you go. I was home for a little extra time than a usual weekend and the Spring air was finally warm enough for a hike. The family and I got in the car and went off to the Chenango Canal Towpath.


miniadventureFrom 1837 to 1878 this canal transported cargo and passengers from Utica to Binghamton. A towpath trail ran beside the entire length of the canal which allowed for mule teams to pull the canal boats.

Since then the canal has been filled most of the way but you can still walk the towpath for 5 miles. Today, you can visit their museum and walk on the towpath which has an audio tour for those with smartphones.

I enjoyed the hike and the beautiful scenery, although the grass and the trees were mostly dead, it was a cool little hiking trail that didn’t take too much effort. If you’re every in the Bouckville, NY area, I recommend checking it out for a little historical experience and exercise.



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