Travel Blog: Day 4 – Pismo Beach, California

San Francisco was beautiful, but now it was time to make my way further down south in California. My reasoning for doing so? I wanted to see Santa Barbara, where my father lived for a good 5-years. My father told me so many stories and it was time to see it for myself. My cousin also wanted to show me a bit of San Luis Obispo. With all of these places near Pismo Beach, we decided to find a place to stay there.

Our day wasn’t full of too much activity because our drive from Pleasanton to Pismo Beach was a full three hours. We were also exhausted from our previous three days of travel. We decided to stay at the Kon Tikki Inn. Right on the Pacific Ocean with a view at every window, heated outdoor pool and hot tub, continental breakfast, wifi, a television, coffee maker, and mini fridge in every room you are getting a lot of bang for your buck here. They even have their own health center and restaurant right next door. This place is reasonably priced and for what it’s worth it is an absolutely beautiful stay.


While we stayed here I would wake up in the morning just walk along the beach and look for shells and sand dollars, breathing in that foggy morning air. I was able to fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore every night. I honestly wasn’t even used to the fresh air so I got extremely tired within the first day. The surrounding area is a quaint little beach town with a lot of mom and pop shops that filled my heart with joy. While in town we decided to stop by Pismo Pier.

The Pismo Pier has some history as well and was built in 1881 for commercial use to save freight fees on lumber and other commodities. In 1882 alone, 38 cargo vessels were loaded at the Pismo Pier, saving the county $35,000 in freight. The pier was active up until 1890 but gave way during a heavy storm a few years later. A new pier was built in 1924 which was much longer than it is today. It extended out into the ocean far enough that even large Navy ships could tie up to it! Because of its extreme length, it sustained damage many times, but finally, in 1983, a strong storm tore up most of the pier. The Pismo Pier was rebuilt once more in 1986 in its current shape and continues to be one of Pismo Beach’s major tourist attractions. (Information gathered from Brad’s Seafood Restaurant).


It’s a really nice, cute place to visit and is family friendly. A perfect place to go for a retro-inspired beach town experience.

For dinner, we went to the Ventana Grill, a coastal fusion restaurant that overlooks the ocean. I would have taken a beautiful picture as well but by the time we go there the fog was rolling in. Instead, I would recommend checking their website here. I also didn’t like my Salmon, however, I wouldn’t put this restaurant in the dumps. In fact, they actually took that meal I had off their menu. My cousin did enjoy her meal, so, with the right weather and the right meal order, the Ventana Grill is worth a visit.

Overall, it was a great way to introduce myself to the area and I look forward to sharing more of my explorations with you!

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