my journey to self-love

Like anyone else, I’ve had my moments of self-doubt, a lack of self-worth, and a difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. We’ve all been there, but sometimes we can’t get out. Life has been particularly hard for me lately as I dive into my 20’s with seemingly no sense of direction or place to call home. With Valentine’s Day being celebrated this week, I knew something in my life had to change. I needed to show a little more self-compassion and a little more acceptance for my imperfections. This is my journey to self-love.

I used to be a rather shy child. I was always fearful of speaking my mind, just in case something I said wouldn’t be right. As I made my way into my 3rd year of high school I soon found that there was a way I could be accepted. I found a small group of friends and we had beautiful moments together full of laughter and tears. Although as soon as I reached the end of my last year our friendships began to dwindle because we were changing. The people we be-friended before weren’t the same people and we all wanted to escape from each other. The only downside to that was that we weren’t able to see each other grow at their own paces and support each other, and so, we were left with our past visions of each other, and this, in turn, led to regret.

I’ve moved through life just like this. I’ve grown and changed, but along with those changes, I’ve left people behind. Each person I’ve left behind, I’m afraid, has a memory of me which I don’t like, and so I continue to run away. Soon, I began to run away from myself and my mistakes, which only led to a feeling of loss, like I would never be good enough.

As I write this, I am sure many others are relating to this. And so I ask you to be kind. The only way to show self-love is to be kind to yourself. Remember that you are human and many mistakes will be made, but remember how you have grown from those mistakes and how you have still gotten somewhere in life. It may not be exactly where you want to be, but it is a start. Along with this, be kind to others. Show that same compassion toward yourself to those you meet in life who maybe didn’t show off their best assets for a day. Create an endless world of love, because this is how we grow; not only ourselves but together.

I’m leaving some videos and songs down below to listen to whenever you’re feeling low. Enjoy! And let every day be Valentine’s Day!



Oprah – There are no Mistakes:

Taylor Swift – Clean Speech 1989 Tour Machester:

Lady Gaga Talks About Being who you Really Are:



Self-Love Playlist on Spotify:

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