the workaholic’s guide to relaxation

As we grow older and find ourselves attending University and going to work, we find ourselves getting involved in more work. Sometimes this work can be addicting. When we work we usually receive an award, such as honors, the employee of the year, or we are simply admired. When we get praised for doing this we want to work more. When we do work more we get used to it and any day when we don’t do work feels like we’re wasting our time or being unproductive. Our minds crave stimulus in a world where computer screens are everywhere and our phones have so much data and media with easy access right at our fingertips. I too am a culprit, and it’s not something to be too worried about. Being a workaholic can have its benefits, very good ones, but it can also have its downfalls. This is the guide that I used to achieve relaxation with my stimulus craving brain.


  1. Put your phone away!

The number one thing to start doing is to diminish your need for stimulus. Start this by putting away your phone more often. Think about whenever you call someone, you expect them to answer immediately and are frustrated when they don’t. We no longer have patience and we need to constantly have our phone with us. Start by buying a wrist-watch. This way you don’t have to look at your phone for the time. Start putting your phone away when you’re in the waiting room or eating a meal. Look around you, have a conversation. You need for stimulus is sure to decrease.


  1. Evaluate your commitments.

At some point, we will find ourselves with so many commitments that we don’t have time for ourselves. We believe the more work we have, the more successful we will be. This eventually will just lead to burnout and we wonder what it is that we actually care about. I’ll leave a video by Youtuber MuchelleB to explain more:


  1. Have a burnout plan.

If you are a workaholic, I am sure you have found yourself many times in a puddle of burnout and you just feel stuck. I used to work so much that my burnout period would actually be me getting sick. Everyone’s burn out package will be different compared to someone else but this video by Chase on New Age Creators should help you get started:


  1. Make a self-care package.

We all need self-care, especially if you are a workaholic. Take the time to have a list of things to do for self-care. Maybe have a relaxing morning or evening routine to have two parts of the day when you focus completely on self-care by eating, watching a TV show, or meditating. Have a day off in the week when you don’t do any work what-so-ever. These are usually Sundays for me. Whatever works for you, make sure you always take time for self-care.


That is all the advice I have for today! Hopefully you little workaholics will be on your way to feeling better about your laundry list diminishing a little bit. Stay healthy, take care of yourself, and good luck!

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