my new year’s resolution: authenticity

Authenticity was always a mystery me. I never quite understood what it was or what it meant. Eventually, I learned that it meant someone or something that was true, raw, and real. I remember seeing people I looked up to; Lady Gaga, Eddie Izard, Opera Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Sia, and Elton John. They all had something about them that I admired, authenticity. They were so real, relaxed, and nothing could touch them or their opinions. They weren’t angry, they weren’t spiteful, they were accepting… of everything and everyone, no matter the issue. They were inspirational in that they were fully and entirely themselves.

I strived to be like this. I wanted to be calm, cool and collected. I wanted to be able to make mistakes and still seem flawless in them. But time and time again I grew embarrassed. I tried to eliminate people from my life whom I never spent time with and burned bridges. I tried so hard to appear “authentic.” What I was really doing was putting on a perfect persona that was not me. What I failed to see is that you do not “try” for authenticity. You are.


This New Year’s my goal is to be authentic. I will just be.

My authenticity is being me.

My authenticity is making my mistakes with the ability to forgive myself.

My authenticity is resting in a constant confidence because I love myself for everything that I am and everything that I will be.

My authenticity is loving everything and everyone unconditionally.

My authenticity is forgiving.

My authenticity is understanding and keeping silent when I don’t.

My authenticity is everything I am, loving it, moving on, and being happy with what is.


Forget the workout plans. Forget the daily meditation plans. Forget the new diet. Forget to study more. Forget the expectations. This New Year I vow to let go, trip up, make mistakes, and love every moment of it because I will authentically be me.

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