an open letter to coffee

Dear Coffee,

I remember the day we first met. You were swirled with a half a cup of milk and 3 spoonsful of sugar and served with whipped cream on top. My father knew I couldn’t handle the bittersweet richness that you had to offer yet. None the less you were my favorite thing to look forward to on Sunday mornings. Soon enough I began to embrace your bitterness and drank you every morning of my senior year of high school. When my freshman year of college came around you became my main drink of choice. I indulged in your caffeine goodness every spare moment I had and you were practically running through my veins. You helped me through every moment of my college years.

You were there the night before my first exam when I was crunching in the last precious study hours and the sun was moments away from rising. You got me through that first night of tears and stress, and you were still there after my exam when I needed a white mocha – vanilla pick-me-up.

You there after my first break-up when my best friend delivered you to me in the form of crushed ice and white mocha deliciousness with whipped cream on top.

You were there on the morning of my first job interview when I was already filled with too many nerves only to bring them to the 10th degree with your caffeine. However, your warmth seemed to calm me as well.

You were there to give me the image of the perfect host whenever my friends came around and I offered a lovely cup ‘o joe. You stimulated our conversations and gave us something to talk about if things ever got awkward.

You were there on all of my lovely and cringe-worthy dates. You gave me the perfect space to test the waters out with any man I had an interest in and you were always free.

You got me through all of my all-nighters and the days after when I wanted to fall asleep in my classes.

You were there as the perfect companion whenever I did my work or indulged in a moment of creativity or sat down with a good book.

Coffee, you were always there for me. Whether I was happy or sad and I couldn’t be more grateful to have you in my life.

Love Always,

Elizabeth R. Brigham

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